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November 30th is Election Day. 


Can I count on your vote?

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Yes I support Daniel.
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  • Kirsten Hauge
    pledged support via 2013-11-10 19:15:51 -0800
  • Ken Bramble
    pledged support 2013-11-09 23:34:14 -0800
    Please help stop the political destruction of public schooling, the cornerstone of a healthy society. Private schooling perpetuates narrow mindedness and have and have not schools. Universality was a fundemental attribute of public schooling. Politicians have removed that so now we have some schools with everything and too many schools with nothing. The Fraser Institute then has the nerve to compare them. Not fair. Let's give all our kids an equal chance for success Dan, regardless of where they go to school.
  • Judy Coulter
    pledged support 2013-10-30 16:13:43 -0700