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Coulter calls for improved trades education

Immediate Release

28 October 2013



Coulter calls for improved trades education

Chilliwack, BC - Calling for improved trades education in Chilliwack, Dan Coulter launched his campaign this past Saturday, October 26th. With a crew of enthusiastic, young volunteers, Dan was able to begin to get his message out about improving trades in education in Chilliwack by erecting signs all across Chilliwack.

“It’s very exciting to begin the campaign,” Coulter said. “I’m running to talk about the issues.”

“The bottom line is that Chilliwack students don’t have the same opportunities students in other districts have. We need more pre-apprenticeship programs in our schools. We need a more significant partnership with the University of the Fraser Valley,” said Coulter.

On his recently launched campaign website - - Dan listed expanded trades education in Chilliwack schools as the first of his campaign’s “three pillars.”

“We need to equip our students to succeed in the workforce and in life. Giving students the opportunity to complete a pre-apprenticeship program in a trade of their choice does just that,” said Coulter.


Dan Coulter is the progressive candidate for school trustee in Chilliwack. Injured in an industrial accident over a decade ago, Dan is a tradesman, activist, and mature student at the University of the Fraser Valley. He lives with his wife, Rebecca, and his two dogs.