Issues and Platform

Let's Talk Education

It’s time to start equipping our students with the skills they need to succeed in life and in the workforce.

I believe that Chilliwack students deserve better, and that’s why I’m going to fight for my three pillars:

Expand Trades Education

Skilled trades are in demand, but too few students have the opportunity to take advantage of this demand and learn a trade.

That’s why I want to see an expanded partnership with the University of the Fraser Valley to put pre-apprenticeship programs in every Chilliwack secondary school so that students can learn a trade that interests them while finishing their high school education.

Build Academic Excellence

Chilliwack students are just as smart and just as motivated as Abbotsford students. But there is no International Baccalaureate diploma program in Chilliwack. That’s wrong.

I will fight to introduce an International Baccalaureate diploma program to Chilliwack, so that Chilliwack students will be able to earn university credits while they complete their high school diploma.

Including Everyone

Chilliwack is a diverse place and is home to the largest on-reserve aboriginal population in Southern B.C. But most Chilliwack students don’t learn about our local history and have no opportunity to study Halq’emeylem or traditional indigenous art and culture.

Which is why I want to expand the aboriginal education department and ensure that all Chilliwack students are afforded the opportunity to learn our local history. Every Chilliwack student should have the opportunity to study Halq’emeylem and every Chilliwack student should be given the opportunity to learn about the art and culture of the indigenous peoples of Chilliwack.